FIFA 18 Has Reached A New Milestone With 1.6 Million Concurrent Players.



FIFA 18 is a game adored by Football Fans and Players alike a common interest between the two communities. FIFA 18 is the embodiment of that passion and that was proven in the first weekend of the game’s release with about 1.6 Million Concurrent Players a record on par with the more popular Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds although the game’s difference in genre in terms of Player Base.

FIFA 18 does have to deal with it’s fair share of criticism for example the lack of fluid movement, and the game play being the same year in and year out, and it is regularly compared with Konami’s PES series,. While the latter is generally said to have better game play for a number of years now, the former usually comes out on top each and every year due to it’s licenses for teams from all around the world. Hence undoubtedly the FIFA 18 series is a big hit in Europe and South America due to the player likeness and the ability to emulate the success of your favorite football (soccer) star or club on the TV screen.

EA was so impressed by the numbers that they tweeted out “That’s a lot of people playing FIFA 18″ . That being we still don’t know of how it opts against FIFA 17’s opening weekend but the number is undoubtedly remarkable considering the fact that this time around it has taken a lot of stick for being the same old game as it’s predecessor, but then again that’s a complain that’s made by the fans year in and year out without realizing there is only so much that you can do with a sports simulator.

FIFA 18 is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, along with last-generation consoles. Let us know if you have been playing FIFA 18 with your mates by commenting in the comments section below.