FIFA 17 Journey Mode: What We know so far


EA Sports recently announced a Story Mode at E3 for their bestselling video game franchise calling it The Journey.
Powered by a Frostbite engine which means that the game will have a high quality render and gameplay, it will definitely provide a good framework and animation which is quite important for a good Story Mode experience.
Although this may have some cons for PC players. Not every graphics card will be able to support the game. The likes of EVGA GeForce GTX 960 or MSI GAMING GTX 960 would be a choice.

It is still not clear whether the mode will feature clubs from outside the Premier League although there haven’t been any indications of foreign clubs.The official announcement on EA Sports website reads as Experience Life in the Premier League.
The question on everyones mind is who is Alex Hunter?
Alex is a 17 year old from Clapham,London. His grandfather is an English legend Jim Hunter. Alex’s name may carry some weight on the football world but his own personal legacy depends on you.
The EA sports website reads:-
“It’s a new season and touted young academy prospect, Alex Hunter is looking to make his mark in the Premier League. But this season you decide which team he plays for. You make the decisions off the pitch. And you shape his career with your performance on the pitch.”

We don’t know whether you will be able to create your own character on story mode, we are however pretty sure that Alex Hunter will be your first story mode character. You will have a wide selection of Premier League clubs to kickstart your journey.
Your performance on the pitch will affect your game. Every movement, every decision will impact your storyline through the game engine.
EA Sports hired a few real players and writers to make the story as authentic as possible. From David Beckham’s book writer Tom Watt to West Ham starlet Reece Oxford, all have worked with EA to get the story right meaning that your experience in the Premier League will be quite authentic. Your world in the Story mode will be influenced by real players, personalities, game location and events.
The full list of players involved is:-
Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspurs)
James Rodriguez (Real Madrid)
Marcos Reus (Borrussia Dortmund)
Anthony Martial (Manchester United)
Eden Hazard (Chelsea)
Dele Alli (Tottenham Hotspurs)
Marcos Rashford (Manchester United)
Reece Oxford (West Ham)

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