FFXV Comrades Multiplayer Beta Is Now Available



FFXV Comrades multiplayer expansion beta has now become available for download on both the PS Store and Xbox Live. The size of the download is 12.8 GB on your PS4, and 13.86 GB on your Xbox One. Hence if you are a long time FFXV fan be prepared to download the file as soon as you start up your console.

FFXV Comrades multiplayer expansion beta will require you to have a season pass and a subscription to either a PS Plus or a Xbox Live Gold Membership. Furthermore you can also create and control upto 8 different avatars. It will also feature new weapons such as a katana , dagger and a shuriken. For those of you who have played FFXV the attack patterns will be different than those of Noctis in the base game. Furthermore you can also equip one of the four default Royal Sigils and invoke their powers to aid you in the game.

The beta testing for FFXV Comrades will continue till 8th August till 5 PM . here is the description that you can find on the PS Store page.

“This closed online test is an exclusive preview that allows you to experience select elements from the upcoming multiplayer expansion including creating your own custom avatars
Many exciting new features await you in the release version: an expanded field of play and more playable characters—including Noctis and his friends!
The closed online test starts on 8/2 and ends on 8/8. The start and end time are respective to your local time zone.”

FFXV Comrades looks to be a fun multiplayer experience which will increase the life of the base game , and it seems to be a good addition to an already successful game.

So will you be downloading the FFXV Comrades multiplayer beta ? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.