Festival Of The Lost Returns To Destiny: Rise Of Iron


Bungie is set to embrace the Halloween spirit with its Halloween themed event Festival of the Lost returning to Destiny: Rise of Iron next week, featuring fun activities and items. Some of you may have already discovered some of the specials you’ll receive on October 25 which will include new Exotic weapon ornaments, comedic masks and new Ghost shells.

With Bungie’s weekly update, players will have to report to Tyra Karn at the Iron Temple to help her with a ‘favor.’ This may end up taking the form of a quest chain quite similar to last year’s version, although there seems to be a lot more going on this year. You can see in the trailer various new masks you can earn and also a Sparrow that appears to be drenched in fluorescent green ectoplasm.

What may come as a disappointment to some is that some of the Ornaments discovered in this week’s patch files may not actually be included in the game with Festival of The Lost .

Bungie has asked fanss to stay on the lookout for more of them with the following events. Red Death, Thorn and Black Spindle all set to receive new licks of paint around Christmas holiday season.

With  one special down we can expect Bungie to release details for the return of Destiny‘s Sparrow Racing League in the following weeks.

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