Far Cry 5 DLC’s Revealed: Hours of Darkness, Dead Living Zombies And Lost on Mars



Far Cry 5 is one game that the audience cant wait to get its hand on. Ubisoft takes us back to Hope County Montana but this time things are quite different. Unlike Far Cry’s predecessors, the latest installment in the series will give gamers three different adventures in the form of DLC’s

The three separate Far Cry 5 DLC’s are as follows, Hours of Darkness, Dead Living Zombies and Lost on Mars. In Hours of Darkness gamers will travel back in time to Vietnam, fighting the Viet Cong soldiers. Dead Living Zombies take players to a platform where they would have to fight zombies in different scenarios. Lost on Mars is a unique and innovative setup, where players will travel to Mars to fight aliens.

If you think this isn’t enough, Ubisoft certainly has more in store for you. Purchasers of the Season Pass will get a free download to Far Cry 3’s classic addition. Gamers who buy the season pass will get it a month before everyone else. The game is scheduled for release on March 27. The standard game is priced at $60, while the gold version (Which includes the season pass and other items) is priced at $90.

All three different adventures offer a unique but famous proposition to its gamers. Zombies, Aliens and Time travel are subjects that have drawn the most interest in the last two decades or so. Ubisoft aims to cash on this by providing fans a never before witnessed experience. Those who are new to the game also have the chance to become accustomed to the setting by gaining access to Far Cry 3. We believe that Ubisoft offers quite a valuable deal to its gamers and the game is definitely rooted for success.

Far Cry 5 DLC’s certainly are interesting to say the very least. Let us know if you will be getting them by commenting in the comments section below.