Far Cry 5 Cover Art Reveals Unveiled: Depicts Details About Story Amongst Other Things


Ubisoft has revealed the cover art for Far Cry 5 which depicts the antagonist surrounded by other characters which may appear in the game. It is basically a parody of the legendary ‘The Last Supper’ painting by the late and great Leonardo de Vinci. It seems to show the villains of the game as well as some vehicles. Without further ado have a look at the cover art in question

The game will take place in Hope Country, Montana, and it seems to be under the reign of a religious cult in a manner that was similar to that of Outlast 2’s own coocoo cultists. However it is unclear at this point of how the hillbillies be under the thumb of a backwoods preacher and how the story unfolds in the game.

In an old leak with respect to the antagonists, it was said that they are Doomsday-preppers who have gone to the next level; more alike Outlast 2; in which the cultists were a division of systematic child-murderers trying more than they can in order to prevent the birth of the Anti-Christ, which as per the Bible says will bring the end of the world.

If the cultists in Far Cry 5 are similar to that in Outlast 2 or not is still an unanswered question but no matter what this is a refreshing change from previous Far Cry entries which have seen the protagonist usually deserted in a remote area , or some sort of backwards civilization. This time around the game is going to be based in America’s own backyard, and it is a welcome change of scenery.

Far Cry 5 will officially be revelead on May 26th;.Also, with E3 coming soon, we are likely to get more information on the game.

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