Fans Sign Petition To Make The Joker Gay



It seems any and everything these days can be attributed to political correctness. A small portion of the fans want Warner Bros and DC to make Joker gay again. The fans posted a petition on a free hosting site The post till now has gained meager support and attained up to 338 signatures. But currently fewer people know about the petition and as  it grows more popular its is likely to draw more attention.

The Joker is an arch nemesis of the Dark Knight. He is one of the most lethal and renowned villain of the Batman. As reported by Screen Rant, the petition has used several references including the role of Joker in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on A Serious Earth and Neal Adams interpretation of the character.

The Joker in addition to these references as certain female traits such as the use of lipstick, heals , use of female clothes and long nails. Moreover, he also has a relation with the Batman which is unlike any other super hero-villain relationship. Although we aren’t implying it means anything but there might be an affection of the Batman by the joker.

We believe that this is rather an absurd move. Throughout our lives we have seen as the Joker as a normal straight character. This new revelation comes as a rather surprise to us. While some may be advocate this move, we believe that most of the public may resent this.

Furthermore it just seems trivial to focus on the Jokers gender rather than how his mind works to wreak havoc and destruction across Gotham. The Joker is an individual who is not in his senses and perhaps he should not be made a target for political correctness.

Let us know what do you think? Should the Joker be made Gay? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.