A Fan Predicted An Awesome End of the Walking Dead!

Rick Grimes

Throughout the years, there have been numerous hypotheses with respect to the closure of The Walking Dead, and now there’s another one around the local area, and it’s mind blowing!

In this most recent hypothesis, YouTube account MovieIDOL recommends that The Walking Dead isn’t going on progressively, and is really a story being retold via Carl as an old man.

Yes. Carl, the kid, as an old man.

‘Old Man Carl Theory’ is moved down with proof from the show, proposing that Carl’s scenes – both in the TV appear and the comics- are more nitty gritty than anybody else’s. That is each scene is way more detailed and precise. What’s more, we need to concur.

Carl and Negan’s discussion in ‘Sing Me a Song’ (the scene where Carl visits the Sanctuary) is absolutely one of the more drawn out discussions in Walking Dead history.

In addition, amid a similar scene, he likewise catches two Saviors looking at crowding walkers, and conveniently handed-off a similar data to the gathering in ‘Shake in the Road’.

The hypothesis clarifies that Rick is the show’s hero since he is Carl’s hero in the retelling of The Walking Dead, and predicts that the arrangement will end with Rick’s demise, before slicing to a 10-minute scene, indicating us Old Man Carl recounting the story.

The ‘Old Man Carl Theory’ additionally recommends Carl might be the remainder of the gathering to survive.

What’s great about this hypothesis is that MovieIDOL calls attention to potential gaps in his ‘Dad Carl’ hypothesis… before clarifying a route around them.

Conceding that Carl wouldn’t have known stuff he wasn’t there to see, he contends that it’s conceivable every one of the occasions were basically recapped to him at a later date, which would pardon this oversight.

He likewise yields that Judith could in any case be alive now (as the show’s most youthful thrown part) – yet contends she wouldn’t recall the occasions of Woodbury and The Prison, since she was excessively youthful.

What’s more, clearly, for this to be conceivable, Carl would need to survive the arrangement, conflicting with bits of gossip that Carl will pass on this season as performer Chandler Riggs goes off to school.