Fallout Between Bethesda And Sony; Shots Fired


As the fans have been aware over the recent news about Fallout 4 mods coming over to console, the progress hasn’t been going well as the giants may have planned. There was always a will they won’t they debate going on amongst fans and the developers were hesitant in answering the questions, let alone clear the air.

In recent development over the ongoing dilemma, Bethesda has blamed Sony for the mods not releasing on PS4. This was primarily because Sony released a statement that said it would not approve the mods created by users due to security issues, which is more or less Sony’s fault according to Fallout’s developer.

Sony does not want its console owners to be allowed to create whatever they want, which could also be harmful to the console or scam other players who use the mods as it would only lower the trust players have over the security in consoles. This, sufficient to say, has disappointed the fans, especially after they have put so much time and energy in the said project.

This does nothing except create a divide between the consoles and angers the PS4 owners, since the Xbox One does have mod support. Microsoft was the first one to approve Bethesda’s request in including mods in Xbox One three months ago.

This success has overjoyed the fans of Xbox One as pretty much all the mods have been released on the said console. Sadly for PS4 players, it is still yet to be decided when Sony would budge and allow the mods to be released on the PS4. Sony still has a chance to redeem itself. whether or not it would, is yet to be seen. So far, it has refused to budge and change It’s statement.

Furthermore, Pete Hines has refrained from directly naming Sony in being responsible in creating a barrier between the fans and the mods. However, he did mention that external factors have been involved that are refraining him from releasing a full and honest statement.

Fallout 4 can be played on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, while the mods can be enjoyed on PC and Xbox One. Stay tuned with The Wolf Hall for more updates in the gaming world.