Fallout 4: Nuka-World Scav Magazine Whereabouts

Nuka World

Fallout 4 brings around an even more dynamic and amazing experience for its most avid users. Nuka-World introduces a new magazine with brand new interesting features offering an even more deadly and a phenomenal experience. The magazine will be having 5 issues with each one inflicting damage in its unique way. Once each of the 5 has been collected, users will unlock the Diebrarian achievement. In this guide we have listed all Scav Magazine Locations in the Nuka-World, and the perks they have to offer.

  • Scav Issue 1:

Effect: Increased persuasion and convincement success chance

Location: You’ll have to get in front of the Star Control at Galactic zone, around the employee only area on the lowest level. Climb the stairs right at the entrance on the left, then jump over the railing once you’re at the top. Come into the courtyard, and then look around for the magazine on the wooden crates near an old beaten down bus.

  • Scav Issue 2:

Effect: Enhanced combat knife and switchblade damage effect by 25%

Location: Find a junkyard which is on the west side of the map, and then find a barn east to the junkyard. You’ll be visiting this location during the Hubologist questline ‘Trip The Stars’. Once you’ve entered the hangar, go all the way to the opposite side. Climb the stairs, and follow the path till the end until you’re just above the entrance. The skill book will right on the desk besides the safe.

  • Scav Issue 3:

Effect: No weapons unarmed damage +25%

Location: This one’s right in the funhouse which is a dungeon in the Kiddie Kingdom section. Right from the side of hall of mirrors take the first right, and then the immediate left. Carry on straight until you hit a wall. Spot the magazine on a corpse placed at the far right of the dead end.

  • Scav Issue 4:

Effect: Enhanced explosive damages by 5%

Location: For this you’ll have to go to the Grandchester Mystery Mansion, located at the south-west end of the map. Have a conversation with the Robot outside and trick him into thinking that you’re an employee in order to get in without paying. Once inside the dungeon, embark the stairs and follow the path marked right up to get into the attic. The magazine will be on a crate to the right.

  • Scav Issue 5:

Effect: Varying SPECIAL bonus rewards

Location: This issue is the most important one as this will grant you a bonus based on your base strength, durability, stamina and endurance. The more caps you have, the lower is your bonus. So in order to get the maximum benefit out of this, make sure to spend all your cash before you go get one.

That’s it for the issue, comment below to let us know about your thoughts and views on this latest edition. Check out the video of the location guide right here.