Here Is What’s In Store For You In Outlast 2 [Spoiler Alert]


Similar to its predecessor Outlast 2’s story is mainly told via the usage of documents and recordings. Most of the game is dawn unto the player to construe it in his/her own way; each player gets a separate meaning for the events which take place. We are now going to discuss and try to make others understand the Outlast story; including all that happens during the game, and even talk about why everyone and Blake is losing their minds. If you do not want spoilers then make sure you don’t continue reading this article because we have many spoilers below.

In the Temple Gate in Outlast 2, much insane stuff happened. While making your way past Outlast 2, you perhaps were scratching your head a couple of times because of whatever went around. Did you have a lot of questions as well; why does everyone want to just kill Lynn’s baby? What’s with the hallucinations happening to Blake from back in grade-school? Prior to answering all your questions, let’s take it step by step.

Firstly, we must find out the connection between Outlast 1 and Outlast 2. And make sure that whatever answers you get out of this article; they’re not downright true but merely opinionated after thorough research and evidence from the game. So, after getting the word out of the developers, they stated several times that the games are not connected in a major but a slight way. However, in a document that you will discover meanwhile travelling suggests that the games are connected more than one could think. The document is called ‘Old Traveler’ and as per it, the valley surrounding Temple Gate came from an experiment that utilized strong microwave signals in order to control the minds of people. As a matter of fact, Old Traveler mentioned a name; Jenny Roland a.k.a Jennifer Roland; Murkoff Corp’s pathologist in Outcast 1. If you’re one of those who have a bad memory and can’t recall then Murkoff Corp is the establishment which was behind the re-opening of Mount Massive Asylum and also for experimentation on humans in the first game. Since this is not a huge connection, it however does make a lot of sense as it tells us that Murkoff is linked to the radio tower emitting the strong microwave signals in order to control the minds of people.

Secondly, we need to figure out why Blake is losing his mind. In the beginning of Outlast 2, Blake wakes up from a nightmare about Jessica Gray; a female who he knew as well as Lynn in the fourth grade at catholic school. Following the incident when the white bright light caused the engines of the helicopter to fail and crash, the hallucinations of Blake began that involved flashbacks of Jessica and the reasons leading to her suicide. What we are believing and conveying to you right now is based on the evidence i.e. the Old Traveler document; the white light is the powerful microwave signal. These signals made changes inside Blake’s mind which forced him to have hallucinations. Perhaps this explains why the people of Temple Gate have turned so vicious and gathered around their own religion.

As Blake proceeds deeper in the valley containing Temple Gate, he witnesses even clearer hallucinations, comprising a visual appearance of a demonic creature who is perhaps, Father Loutermilch; a teacher who is unveiled later on to have assaulted Jessica in school. In Blake’s mind, it makes sense for the teacher to be demonic since he is the enemy in the story of Blake and Jessica. At the end of the game, all the villagers are conducting a rally against one another and there are many killings among them as well. The Old Traveler document mentions a feedback loope which can cause people to do a lot of strange things.

The third and last topic to be discussed in this article is whether the baby is real or not and this question is the biggest one that we’ve gotten from players that have finished playing Outlast 2 because Lynn seems to be 9 months pregnant after just a night. It’s not so vivid how that happened or whether the baby is real or not because the final words from Lynn to Blake are “there’s nothing there” which rather suggests that she might be talking about the afterlife or the baby which Blake seems to believe to be holding in his arms. The theory of the baby not being real is difficult to prove and believe when you keep in mind the fact that Knoth and Blake were affected by the strong microwave signals coming from the bright white light. The possibility is that both of them were witnessing hallucinations about the same thing and that Blake only did all of this to save his wife.

Of course, there are many undiscovered places and unsolved enigmas in Outcast 2 and that was the intent of the developers when the game was in the processes. Let us know in the comments section below about your experience while playing it.