Antman And The Wasp Are Shooting Action Scenes On Nob Hill



The Wolfhall takes a look at the upcoming shooting of the movie while also making some predictions regarding the plot

Filming for the Ant Man and the Wasp has started and journalists aren’t stepping back on capturing the moments. Recently a video shoot was released showing an impressive car stunt scene on Saturday in Nob Hill. According to reports the captured film was part of the Ant Man sequel that is set for release in 2018.

The Ant man had a star studded cast including Michael Douglas, Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly and Michael Pena. The cast is expected to return in the upcoming sequel. The Ant man and the Wasp is expected to be quite an interesting watch. It is quite uncommon to watch a super hero duo in action. Moreover, the team is not only any duo but a duo that is engaged in a relationship.

Starting off we would see how Evangeline Lilly or Hope gets her super heroes. In the first movie it was implied that Dr. Hank was quite hesitant on experimenting on her daughter leaving her limited only to the research and development. The movie however would outline other factors that led up to this transition. Was her father was looking for a successful sample before experimenting on his daughter? Or was there some external threat that required both the Ant Man and the Wasp come into play?

Whatever the reasons are, this latest concept is one that fans would likely enjoy. As both the Ant man and the Wasp have the ability to shrink in size, we might get to see some pretty cool collaboration and team work skills between them.

Marvel now has expanded through clever product development skills and has a wide variety of super heroes to play with. The universe with the upcoming infinity wars is likely to shake the shambles and develop it into a mature company.