Here’s What To Expect From Justice League Part 1

Justice League


The Wolfhall takes a look at what can be expected from the first part of Justice League

Fans just love it when the super heroes that they have read in comics and have seen in comics finally come to the big screen. It gets even better when all of them unite to save the day against the galaxy’s most bad ass super villains. Marvel’s cinematic universe was able to cash in the demand and the chills quite early with the release of its Avengers. A faction who combined the strength of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and the Hulk. Marvel through Disney is able to build and connect its universe quite impressively and has become a fan favorite.

After the success of Avengers, Warner Bros has also decided to push the Justice League on the big screen. While Warner Bros has not been as quick as Disney, we feel it might just be able to gauge as much popularity as the Avengers. Warner Bros has received a lot of criticism for its Man of Steel and Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Its dark setting along with too many story lines made it difficult for the fans to absorb. But Warner Bros was able to put things right after its box office hit , Wonder Women.

2017 has proved to be a good year for Warner Bros till now and the release of Justice League this year may be proof of good signs to come ahead. We personally believe if the studio is able to execute things correctly, Justice League’s dark setting along with more powerful superheroes can help the studio surpass Disney and its Avengers.

So what exactly can we expect from the Justice League? While many of us would be able to tell from the trailer that the Justice League would be facing a threat from Darkseid and his minions we speculate that he might not only be the villain that the league would have to worry about. Didn’t get me? Well let me explain. First in order to understand this we would need to assess as to why Batman decided to assembler and form the Justice League.

Looking back at the events of Batman Vs Superman we saw that Bruce Wayne saw visions of the future. A world that was unlike the world that we see today had been captured by Darkseid and his minions. But what struck us most was the depiction of Superman. Superman apparently kills Batman in the future and as Bruce Wayne wakes up from the visions he finds himself visited by the future Flash who says “You were right about him Bruce and save Louis.”

From all the evidence above one conclusion that we have reached is that Superman in this film has turned rogue. Something has happened to Louis (She might be dead) which has turned Superman mental and now he aims to enforce his own brand of justice on the world. What exactly happens to Louis is still unclear but we believe this latest movie might be following the story line from Warner Bros game called the Injustice where the Joker nukes Metropolis killing Louis Lane who was pregnant with Superman’s child.

As we all know how dangerous Superman can be, Bruce Wayne will decide to assemble a team of meta humans which could include Gal Gadot playing Wonder Women, Ray Fisher playing Cyborg , Ezra Miller playing the Flash and Jason Momoa playing Aquaman. In the first part of Justice League we might see the team trying to neutralize Superman who might aid in Darkseid invading Earth. During the end we might see Superman return to his senses but that might be too late.

We believe that throughout the first film we might not see Darkseid at all but only his subordinates who do the job for him. As the movie approaches its end we then might see Darkseid finally come to Earth and manhandle the league. This is how we expect the movie to end where the league finds itself pitted against an invincible enemy.