Ex Microsoft Executive Seamus Blackley Praises Horizon Zero Dawn, Wants To See Big Xbox Releases In The Future


Horizon Zero Dawn has been getting rave reviews for its gameplay , and immersive story. It’s safe to say that Guerrilla Game has impressed a lot of people with their first ever open world RPG.

One of those is Seamus Blackley whose claim to fame is actually working on the original Xbox at the turn of the century. In many ways he was the one who helped assemble the team that designed and built the first ever Xbox all those years back.

“I want big releases man.” said Blackley while he praised Horizon Zero Dawn. “That’s a 100 million dollar bet.” Blackley further shared an insiders point of view regarding the trials and tribulations that it must have taken to make the game.

He believes that it took a lot of courage to go ahead with the game , even when at times it was not looking the way it should have. He also praised Shuhei Yoshida for his vision and said that he has perhaps delivered one of the biggest games of the year. Blackley also believes that Horizon Zero Dawn will force Microsoft and Xbox One to up their game and improve if they are to challenge for the year ahead.

As it stands Microsoft may have a beast of a console in Xbox Scorpio raring to go , but realistically speaking when compared with the PS4 they lack far behind in the exclusives category.Their  lineup is threadbare and lacks any major contender for GOTY , and if they are to improve they need some breath taking exclusives.

As it stands PS4 is currently churning out one brilliant exclusive after another , and it is no secret that its one of the major reasons of their success in recent years.Its not just Horizon Zero Dawn , Sony has a plethora of exclusives at its disposal each one better than the next, and this is perhaps the biggest reason it has helped cement their position at the top of the summit.