The Evil Within 2 Apparently Leaked On Reddit



It appears advertisements on Reddit have possibly leaked The Evil Within 2 before its E3 announcement. Here is the image in question.

There have been rumors about a sequel to The Evil Within for a long time, but now we have come very close to an almost official confirmation of The Evil Within 2 via some leaked ads. The leak comes just ahead of Bethesdas E3 showcase later today. previously there had also been a job posting which had hinted at the possibility of the game being announced sooner or later and it appears that the rumors were indeed true.

Multiple leaked ads have been uploaded on Reddit before Bethesdas showcase. According to these ads, The Evil Within 2 will be up for pre-order after its announcement at E3. One of the ads states “From survival horror mastermind Shinji Mikami comes The Evil Within 2. The only way out is in”‘ while another ad says “Bethesda returns you to the nightmare. How will you survive?”.

The original Evil Within was developed by Shinji Mikamis studio Tango Gameworks, and was released in October 2014. The game was praised by critics for its gameplay and horror elements but was criticized for its story. Nevertheless, it recieved mostly positive reviews. The game was powered by id Tech 5, but its sequel will probably run on the much better id Tech 6.

Wolfenstien II: The New Colossus has already been leaked by, so it seems most of the titles that Bethesda is expected to announce have already been leaked and are now known. However we never know if their might be a surprise or two in store for Bethesda’s upcoming conference.

Catch Bethesda’s Showcase live at E3 at 9PM Pacific Time. where its now almost a certainty that The Evil within 2 will be announced. Follow us for more coverage on E3 2017.