God Of War Details And Release Date As Early 2018

God Of War


Numerous details regarding the upcoming God Of War were today announced at  Sony’s E3 2017 conference . We previously got to know that Cory Barlog and the folks at Santa Monica Studios had completed the first play through of the entire game and it might be coming out sooner than expected.

The trailer in question shows Kratos and Atreus and there attempts to take down a giant ogre , and also showed the father and son duo also traversing together , and taking on the world serpent as well. At the end of the gameplay trailer we got to see the gameplay reveal date as being Early 2018 , which tends to suggest that it will be March 2018.

And a rumor earlier today seemingly seemed to confirm that as there was a leak related to the release date of the game which puts it out in the markets on November 28, 2017. The source behind the leak, Youtube Gaming, has been known to accurately predict release dates before actual confirmation such as it did with Call of Duty: WWII and Shadow of War! Here is the image in question that has been making waves all over the internet.



There was also word from a NeoGAF user that stated the game would be missed by months and would actually release late next year (we’re talking about a late 2018 release!). Cory Barlog, game director, said that it was rubbish and should not be taken seriously when asked about the NeoGAF user’s comment. However he might have not been far of the mark it is still encouraging to know that God Of War will be releasing in early 2018.