Estimated Xbox One Sales Figures Compared To PS4 In 2016 Shows A Worrying Trend


The console wars between the PlayStation and Xbox brand has been going on for quite some time , and has even transcended into pop culture , and main stream media as well, the two giants have been battling back and forth for years now to cement their place at the top of the proverbial mountain.
In a recent report the video gaming industry was valued at around $91 billion, and the console portion of it was estimated at $25 billion. If recent reports are to be believed the Xbox One has sold somewhere around 26 million units worldwide while we already know that the PS4 has 55 million units worldwide.
Backed by the Xbox One S in the start Xbox One sales were pretty good and they even managed to beat PS4 in the US for 4 straight months, and even though Microsoft had a decent holiday season and outperformed the PS4 in the latter half of 2016 in the US , it still has a long way to go if it is to catch up with its rival worldwide. As the statistics show the PS4 has sold more than double the units than its counterpart, and that for Microsoft coupled with the cancellation of Scalebound and an extremely threadbare exclusive lineup should be a cause of concern .
It doesn’t seem like the Xbox One will be catching up to its rival anytime soon, apart from Scorpio there seems to be very little cause for optimism, and even the staunchest of Xbox fans will agree that the console faces an uphill battle competing with its counterpart the PS4.
In 2016 Sony also released the PSVR and although many will argue the fact that the VR is a gimmick it again shows that Sony beat Microsoft to an innovation. So let’s look at it this way even though Xbox One Scorpio is a beast of a machine and it may also support VR capabilities it will still be a year late than the PS4 Pro and PSVR. Why does this matter? Because basic marketing principles suggest that you need to be the first to bring a new feature into the market, and even though the Scorpio may offer a sizeable upgrade most gamers will already have a taste of 4K gaming (not going into the whole true 4K debate).
The fact of the matter is the Xbox brand has now fallen behind the PlayStation. In terms of sales it has been beaten all ends up worldwide, PS4 by far has the more interesting lineup for 2017 and beyond , and has big hitting exclusives while Xbox One has nearly next to nothing apart from Crackdown 3. Don’t get me wrong it may be a great game, but it just does not create a buzz like The Last Of Us 2 or God Of War 4 do.
For the time being Microsoft is leveraging all their hopes on the Scorpio, and it may be a fantastic machine but again it is a year too late , and I believe that it will be a hard sell if the Pro drops down in price the coming holiday season.
Its hard to see how Microsoft come back from this , and as a long time Xbox fan I would like to be proven wrong but I just don’t see a plan which can make Xbox One “Great Again” and overtake the PS4 at the top of the summit.
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