How To Check Which Games Have Been Enhanced Or Have Enhancement Updates For The Xbox One X.

Xbox One X


Now that Xbox One X is out and about its finally time to check out some amazing and awesome 4K gameplay on your home console with the beast of a console that is called Xbox One X.

Microsoft has released a neat new way to check out that if the games that you currently own have an enhancement update or have been enhanced for the console.

There is a new functionality that adds a tab menu to the Xbox One Dashboard to sort the either the games have been enhanced or not. By heading on over to My Games and App tabs on the Xbox One Dashboard.

You can now sort games in the following ways:

  • Xbox One Games
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox Games
  • Xbox One Enhanced Games

The games which have been enhanced or have received an update will be sorted through but the system won’t tell you till what extent have they been enhanced it also won’t inform you about any of the games that you own in your library except the ones that are already installed.

You can check out all the enhanced Xbox One X games in the said manner. Your Welcome!!

In other Xbox One X related news IHS Markit recently doubled their predictions for the Xbox One X sales. This comes after it was previously thought that the console would still lag behind the PS4 this holiday season.

While that might still be the case the One X has been a game changer and the holiday sales are going to be a lot closer than we previously imagined.