This Emulator Allows You To Play PSP Games On Xbox One


I remember the good old days when I used to run the GBA emulator on my PC , and I nearly played all Pokemon games on my desktop PC up till Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The point is emulation is amazing ,and the greatest thing about it is the fact that you get to see a program replicating an entire console or machine through its intelligent coding. Not to mention the fact that you also get to play a ton of amazing games as well.

Previously we have seen N64 and NES /Genesis emulators popping up on Xbox One , but now there are signs of a PSP emulator running native on Xbox One hardware as well.

The video which shows the emulator is full swing was uploaded by Huaining ITC LTD on YouTube , and the three and a half minute clip shows a port of PPSSPP booting and running , although it lags a lot and the audio is a bit glitchy it is still amazing to see it running on the Xbox One DevMode.The video shows the emulator running GTA Vice City Stories , and as mentioned above it does lag and has a glitchy audio it is in my eyes still an impressive achievement.

However, the sad part is that this might never ever become available to the Xbox One user. The reason being the fact that the laws around emulators are quite strict to say the very least. Considering Sony’s history in the past with their console’s emulation, and the well-publicized court case that they had with Bleem! Means that there is a very slim chance that this emulator gets to see the light of day. For now though you can enjoy the footage of the emulator by watching the video below. Let us know what you think of the emulator by commenting in the comments section.