The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim For Nintendo Switch Might Have Mod Support?

Skyrim Special Edition

Bethesda took its own sweet time confirming that Skyrim was actually coming to the Switch , despite many fans inquiring about the game initially all Bethesda said was that Skyrim was not officially coming to the Switch , but it does have a partnership with Nintendo. later on though we learned that Skyrim would indeed be one of the titles that will be released for Nintendo Switch.

And now it appears that it might have Mod support as well. that is if the recent listings on Best Buy Canada are to be believed . The listing shows the following written under the tab of product features

The Special Edition also brings PC-like mod support to the game, so you can continually refresh your experience with new quests, environments, characters, dialogue, armour, and weapons .

Previously there were a lot of issues with the mod support for both the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game , PS4 fans had to wait until finally a compromise was reached between Bethesda and Sony.

The mod support happens to be one of the key features of the PC version of the game , and has helped it stay up for a number of years . So much so that Skyrim is still going strong on the PC.

However I am not quite sure how mods will play out on the Nintendo Switch , with Nintendo having next to no experience on their platform. There is also the possibility that this might be a mistake as the rest of the listing are specific to the Special Edition version of the game which was released last year for the PS4 and Xbox One.

There has been no official confirmation from either Nintendo or Bethesda whether mods will exist on the Nintendo Switch version of the game and hence this news must be taken with a grain of salt.

Let us know if you believe that the Switch version of Skyrim will feature mod support by commenting in the comments section below