The Elder Scrolls Legends Getting An Expansion Heroes Of Skyrim



The Elder Scrolls Legends is not only getting an expansion titled Heroes Of Skyrim ,but its also coming on Mobile Device

the expansion comes out at June 29 the game is already out for the PC , MAC and IPAD with the android versions coming next month

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is similar to Hearthstone in not just that it’s free to play but also in that cards represent minions and spells, and players win by depleting the other’s health pool. But Legends has minions fighting on two lanes, while Hearthstone only uses one. Legends also has a Story mode, unlike Hearthstone. Bethesda’s card game also offers an Arena deck-drafting mode for solo play against the AI as well as with other players.

Skyrim was the setting for The Elder Scrolls V, the latest entry in the main series. It is a snowy, Nordic land that’s home to bears, giants, and dragons. Let us know about your opinions on Heroes Of Skyrim by commenting in the comments section below.