After A Less Than Impressive 2018, EA’s Andrew Wilson Talks About The Future

EA GAmes


Microtransactions are features that are immensely disliked by gamers and heavily criticized. It’s a means by which companies are able to earn more money in addition to the generic services that they provide. Fans also have to spend more as spending is closely tied with their progress in the game.

Electronic Arts (EA) recently has come under heavy criticism and spat from their fans. The company announced that it would bring up microtransactions on some of its biggest titles, leading many to question the credibility of the company’s reputation.

EA however was quick to respond on the issue. The CEO of the company, Andrew Wilson in a quarterly earnings call however remained optimistic and outlined that the company has quite a bright future. As reported by, he regarding the issue said that “So as I take a 50,000-foot view and look at the breadth and depth of our portfolio across all of the games we make—and if you look at 2017 in aggregate we were the highest-reviewed publisher across our entire portfolio—so there’s a lot of real goodness there. With all that said, that doesn’t mean we are perfect, and there are always learning opportunities for us, and we are a learning company. And as you look through our history over the last three or four years, there have been times we didn’t get it right. We have put our player-first commitment at the forefront of everything we do, and we have worked tirelessly to ensure that we are able to support and sustain them with the kind of experiences they expect from us.”

The Star wars game for EA has rather underperformed and EA is still sort of  banking on the microtransactions features to maximize its profitability. In addition Wilson also mentioned how the company is evolving and striving to offer fans the best gaming experience possible.

Wilson regarding the improvements said that “So that has meant we have changed some beta processes, we have changed some testing processes, we have changed some of the ways we’ve designed, we have changed some of the ways we go to market. And as a company, we will always be learning, and always evolving, and always making the right changes in service of our players. But on balance, I think we’ve had a really, really strong run on sports and non-sports.”

It’s safe to say that EA’s  Star Wars Battlefront II debacle was a major low point for the company in 2017. However if EA learns from those mistakes and does not repeat them in the future, then they will have taken the first steps to redemption.