EA Looking To Develop Again For The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo NX

EA and Nintendo Switch are going to come up with something big again or are we in for another broken promise?

This week, EA held its yearly financial earnings conference call and from it we received some hints on what way some publisher’s forthcoming business strategies could go and most of the hints we can figure out might include a whole plan to organize things differently for BioWare, after the debacle that was Mass Effect Andromeda it seems to be a good move.

However, once we read the fine print, we can see that majority of the financial reports are some comments with respect to Nintendo Switch from the CEO Andrew Wilson, or perhaps, about their continuing strategy of ‘wait and see mode’. Apart from bringing FIFA 18 for the new console, there has not been any other move from the firm that is as big as this. Despite this, keeping in mind the optimistic feedback received by the publisher, their tone may be aligned differently.

During the conference call, the CEO was more positive than usual with respect to the high sales number for Nintendo and even mentioned the fact that they are highly stuck on the fact of considering publishing games on the new console, the Switch. But we are kind of keeping the ‘unprecedented partnership’ of EA with Wii U in mind as well. Since, a lot of hearts and promises were broken around 4 years ago, it must be kept in mind because we don’t want to keep up our expectations and get zilch out of it.

Let’s see what happens now that EA has made this announcement official. Let us know what titles EA will be looking to bring to Nintendo Switch and whether they will be coming out this year by commenting in the comments section below.