EA Messed Up Big Time With Anthem’s PS4 Footage



One of the most talked about titles from E3 2017 was Anthem the next sci-fi RPG of EA and BioWare. The gameplay footage of Anthem was very interesting however its lore and story yet remains shrouded in mystery. Despite the debacle that was Mass Effect Andromeda fans are actually excited for Bioware’s Anthem.

Thus it was a bit surprising when a certain trailer made its way to YouTube which had for a lack of a better word pretty shoddy workmanship. The gameplay of Anthem by BioWare was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Sony in order to show the PS4 version. It was assumed by many that this footage is from the PS4 or PS Pro version of Anthem, but that wasn’t the case and it was a case of very shoddy craftsmanship .

Some eagle eyed observers noticed that the layout buttons are from the Xbox One X version. The controls of PS4 are pasted over the buttons of Xbox One X. You can see it below:

Although the editing is very poor which means the person responsible should seriously start looking for a better line of work,because rather than showing the real gameplay from the PS4 version; they thought it would be a good idea to just edit existing Xbox One X footage. How can you expect fans of a hobby that are all about minute details and brilliant textures would not notice is beyond me.

The PS4 version of Anthem will be launching with the Xbox One X and PC versions later next year. After this debacle though a clarification would be appreciated as this does not reflect well for the game or the PS4 version of it. Granted it may be a mistake but it is a careless one from entities who are supposedly industry leaders.

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