EA Would Delay Mass Effect Andromeda To Make It Better Says CFO

Mass Effect

Fans have been waiting for any news related to Mass Effect Andromeda since 2 years. Yet the only gameplay that has emerged thus far was at the PlayStation meeting, where the devs showed us how the game would look on the consoles. However it now appears that EA might actually be prepared to delay the game if necessary.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen had this to say during a recent earnings meeting

“Right now, Mass Effect is tracking extremely well. The game looks beautiful. And we’re really pleased with its progress. However, as you’ve seen, we are willing to make moves in launch dates if we feel it’s necessary to deliver the right player experience”.

He further added if at any stage Bioware felt that Mass Effect Andromeda was not nearing perfection, then they would be able to delay the game with the blessings of Electronic Arts. The delay could be for as long as it takes necessary to come out with an amazing finished product.

For now though it appears that Mass Effect Andromeda is set to be released around March 2017, however there are a lot of expectations resting on Bioware’s shoulder after the much maligned Mass Effect 3 ending, and add to it the fact that they have also promised to develop third party titles for Nintendo Switch will further add to the pressure of delivering quality content. However one thing is for certain that Mass Effect Andromeda won’t be heading to the Switch anytime soon, after Bioware made it clear that the game was not planned for Nintendo’s new console.

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