EA Completes Titanfall 2 Dev Respawn Entertainment’s Acquisition



We recently heard about EA acquiring Respawn Entertainment the developers of Titanfall 2. Now it has been confirmed that the previously Independent studio , is now part of one of the largest gaming companies in the world.

Here’s the announcement:

“On Nov. 9, 2017 we announced an agreement to acquire Respawn Entertainment, LLC, one of the leading independent game development studio and creators of AAA shooter and action games including the critically-acclaimed Titanfall franchise. Today, Dec. 1, 2017, we have completed the acquisition of Respawn on the terms previously disclosed.”

EA has recently been in the line of fire for the Star Wars Battlefront II fiasco , with many within the industry also criticizing the publisher for what can best be described as exploitative practices.

EA also recently shut down Visceral Studios who were working on a Star Wars game which was described as too linear. Many believed that the closure was due to the fact that EA could not effectively monetize a linear game.

There are fears that a potential Titanfall 3 may suffer the same fate as well. The single player missions in Titanfall 2 were linear and improved upon the original in every way imaginable. Depending on the individual the campaign was a satisfying 5-8 hour journey and is quite possibly one of the best shooters that I have played in recent times.

However to be fair it’s to early for it to be all doom and gloom. True EA has had a torrid reputation in the past few years , but it did manage to give us Battlefield 1 via EA DICE, which was also amongst one of the best shooters of 2016. Hence it stands to reason a potential Titanfall 3 may yet turn out to be a pretty decent game and who knows in the coming years EA learns from the Battlefront II fiasco.

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