EA Believes Cost Of Developing Games Won’t Rise With PS4 Pro And Xbox One Scorpio


Electronic Arts believes that cost of game development will not rise because of the PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio. The games on these two consoles are supposed to look better due to 4K , however many developers have voiced their concerns that this will increase the costs of developing games, and in turn also increase the price of the games overall. However EA seem to be relaxed due to the fact that the frostbite engine can adapt to various hardware options, which allows EA to act independently on all platforms.

Speaking at Barclay’s Global technology, Media And Telecommunications Conference Chris Evenden who is the Vice President of Investor Relations had this to say:

“You can improve console performance by asking AMD for a better CPU and a better GPU, but that hardly changes The programming of games. ” This is because the hardware does not change much, it just gets faster.

Furthermore, the operating system does not change and is used for both the PlayStation 4 Pro as well as Project Scorpio. According to Chris Evenden, this should not change the R & D costs, even if the quality is improved. He also added that it was developed primarily for the strongest platform and then down-scaled. No major changes should be expected given the fact that the PC is by far the most powerful platform that is out there.

Furthermore EA also stated that PC game digital downloads are around the 75% mark , and has remained like that for the past 2 years after growth.With shooters(core games )seeing a higher digital share as opposed to sports games (Casual)which normally have a lower digital share.

Let us know what do you think of Chris Evenden’s statements, and whether you believe that  the current introduction of the PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio next year will increase the cost of developing games by commenting in the comments section below.