EA Asked Questions About PopCap And BioWare; Responds With Details


Recently, EA was asked highly anticipated questions about demanding issues regarding their PopCap and Bioware subsidiaries. The result was a lot of details being given to the public and a lot of information confirmed about the future of both BioWare and PopCap.


EA started off by addressing Mass Effect Andromeda, saying that the multiple issues and complaints about the game relate to it’s harsh and long development period. The complaint about the game world feeling like a last-generation game was also because of the development period.


The first thing is, is Mass Effect is an interesting title. It was in development for a really long time and represented a lot of the great things that BioWare is known for: story, size, depth, breadth, imagination. And while overall, the aggregate review scores were lower than we would have liked, we did have over 100 reviewers score the game at 80 or higher. So it represents a fan base that’s very passionate; looking for very particular things. And many players found exactly what they’re looking for and some players did not.”, Said Andrew P.Wilson from Electronic Arts.


EA also confirmed that there will be several new updates for the game regarding gameplay and content which fans of the series can look forward to. They also confirmed that the Mass Effect was doing good according to them and that BioWare has been appreciated about this fact. They will continue to look forward to future Mass Effect games as they will most definitely be focused on regardless of the mixed reviews that Andromeda received.


There were talks about a new IP and how it is doing amazingly well in development. There will be a delay in the game’s release but it is only to better the game, says EA.


“In terms of the new IP, the choice to move the new IP and what happened with Mass Effect are completely unrelated. The realities is we have a creative process.”, this is what Andrew had to say.


Regarding PopCap, both of the Vancouver and Seattle subsidiaries, are going to be encouraged for making great small-scale titles according to EA. The development plan for PopCap Seattle will be revised to make fewer, more focused titles rather than a bunch of different projects.


EA ensured that there is a healthy future for PopCap and that they fully support their projects. Let us know in the comments section what you think about the newest game in the Mass Effect (Andromeda) series and EA’s approach to PopCap and BioWare!