E3 Teaser Suggest Project Scorpio Will Be priced At $399

xbox one S

We are being treated to an increasing number of Project Scorpio E3 teasers, generating a lot of hype. It has been claimed that these videos hide secret messages and clues, and it is possible that Microsoft’s upcoming console’s price has been hinted at in these videos.

The hidden messages claim has been backed up by multiple sources, who claim that the videos contain taunts towards Sony too. One of the videos has ‘6>4’ in it, possibly implying that Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is more powerful than its competitor, the PS4. The two consoles have computing performance of 6 teraflops and 4 teraflops respectively. There’s also another secret message that reads ‘X10S101317’. If you want to check the video for yourself , you can click on the source at the botton of the article

This message is most probably a hint towards Project Scorpios release date. According to the text, this date is on Friday the13th of October, 2017, which would be fitting considering the fact that the original Xbox was released on a Friday too.

People are still speculating about the price of the premium console, with some saying the console will cost $399, while others think it won’t be higher than $499. The same ‘X10S101317’ text comes into play here once again:

If you do a simple Google search of the text, you’ll find an image of a robot with the text ‘Build this robot for under $400’. The image hints that the Xbox Scorpio will be $399, or it could just be Microsoft toying with us again.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, so take these rumors with a grain of salt. As E3 looms ahead, we’ll find out soon enough if the rumors have substance. Sony has already said that they don’t see the Xbox Scorpio as a threat, but that may change if the Scorpio actually turns out to be priced at $399, a relatively low price for such a powerful machine.

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