Unfinished E3 Ad For PS4 Exclusive God Of War Sighted

God Of War

There have been rumors galore that PS4 exclusive God Of War will be making an appearance at E3 2017. With Sony having a stellar year so far with regards to exclusives and overall market domination many experts and fans are predicting that we will finally get a release date for one of the most anticipated title in recent history.

The PS4 exclusive God Of War will see Kratos in a Nordic setting where he is actually coming to terms with life with his son Atreus by his side . Not much is known about the project current , and the folks at Santa Monica Studios have done a brilliant job in keeping their cards close to their chests.

However it appears that the rumors that God of War will be at E3 are indeed going to be correct , as recently a banner was seen going up on a building. Apparently this is the same building on which a Horizon Zero Dawn advert went up around same time last year. here is the image in question

As you can clearly see the ad is in the process of being completed , but despite the few letters missing  it is actually very apparent that this is an ad for God Of War for E3 2017. This is not the first time an advert for God Of War has went up,  recently ads were also spotted in Spain on account of Fathers day which basically said somewhere along the lines of ” My Father Is better Than Yours” . Here is the image in question.

Hence I think its safe to assume that the PS4 exclusive God Of War will indeed be appearing at E3 2017 in some capacity, and we might as well be getting  a release date for the title which many are suggesting is going to be somewhere around the start of the year 2018.