E3 2017 Looks Like The Reveal Date For Project Scorpio

xbox one S

We know that Project Scorpio will be the most powerful console in existence with 6 teraflops, 320 GB memory bandwidth and 8 CPU cores, and it remains to be seen how it will be received by the general public when it launches in the latter half of 2017.

There is also a very strong inclination  that Project Scorpio will be at E3 2017 , and it seems that Major Nelson is teasing a Scorpio release date at E3 2017.

The Tweet in question counts the days until E3 2017 kicks off on around June 13 2017, which is exactly 159 days from now. It will be the perfect platform for Microsoft to announce the release date and the price of Project Scorpio which has recently been a bit of a talking point with many speculating that it might be a tough sell, if it is anywhere above the rumored $399-$499 price bracket.

Previously Phil Spencer also took to Twitter to confirm that Xbox will be at E3 2017 and that Microsoft was doing its own thing , and is not reacting to what its rival the PlayStation has been doing.

In all fairness it doesn’t take a genius to guess that the biggest expo for video games will be the perfect opportunity for the executives at Microsoft to release their beast of a console. However there are certain implications to go along with it. This indicates that Microsoft believes that Project Scorpio will indeed be a homerun.

With developers having the convenience of the recently announced game mode, to easily port their titles from PC to Xbox One, Xbox One s , and Project Scorpio with uncompressed 4k textures. While on the hardware side if recent rumors are to be believed it will feature a AMD Zen (Ryzen ) CPU tech , and AMD Vega GPU architecture . making it truly a beast of a console which will be on par with some high performance PC.

Expect Xbox One Scorpio to be announced on E3 2017 , you can almost bet your house on it.