Despite Being Locked On 30 FPS Doom Works Like A Charm On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Doom


Doom was recently announced for the Nintendo Switch, and we along with everyone else in the gaming community were surprised to say the very least.

The FPS was amongst one of the standout games of 2016, and was critically acclaimed for its over the top smash mouth gameplay. Hence when Bethesda announced that Doom will be headed to Nintendo Switch it was an extremely pleasant surprise for the gaming community.

In a recent analysis of the said Doom Port Digital Foundry found that the game was locked at 30 FPS. Given that the Doom will be effectively running on a handheld that was inevitable to say the least. Despite running on a lower resolution and a depth of field the game still looks amazing. Overall the port has garnered immense praise , and this has got to whet the appetite of gamers worldwide.

Furthermore in a recent Interview with GamesBeat Bethesda’s Pete Hines was asked whether it was difficult to port Doom for the Nintendo Switch. Here’s what he had to say.

Probably no more so than any other platform. Every time you go to a new platform, there’s always going to be challenges in terms of how they do this or do that differently from the PC. But we feel like we have something that represents the game and looks really good. Some games may look as good as Doom on the Switch, but I’m not sure that anything looks better. It’s an impressive-looking game and it’s still really fun to play.”

He was also asked if you put the Doom Switch port up to a big screen does it look the same as any other console. To which he replied that is the goal of the port.

Doom for the Nintendo Switch will definitely be one slobber knocker of a game. If you haven’t played Doom yet, and own a Nintendo Switch , it’s highly recommended that you try this out on your Switch when it releases.