Dontnod Working On New IP With Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco


Dontnod Entertainment is known famously for creating the marvelous masterpiece that was Life is Strange and are currently in works for the prequel of the game. However, this isn’t the only project that they are working on as they are also in partnership with Bandai Namco. They are actively working on something else with the publisher.

There is no word on the release date for the new IP but more details will be released in 2018 when the game is late in development. This game has been in production since 2016 and all we know about it right now is that it will take place in a fictional city in the US and will have heavy elements of investigation or rather “a fair dose of investigation”.

We also know that the game is being worked on by a completely different team so there won’t be any effect on the Life is Strange prequel that is in the works. Bandai Namco have expressed interest in new IPs which started from Little Nightmares and now they want to prioritize 50% of their business exclusively for this (new IPs).

“We want [new IPs] to make up 50 per cent of our business, and we’re achieving this by developing long-term partnerships with a few studio. The first visible part of this was Little Nightmares, and we’ve been extremely happy [with it], but this is only the start of something. We also recently released Get Even, and now we’re very happy to partner with Dontnod.”, said VP of marketing at Bandai Namco, Hervé Hoerdt.

He further added that this game is aimed to bring in a wider audience and the theme and setting of the game will be friendlier to a much larger player base. Let us know if you’re excited for the new IP from Dontnod Entertainment in the comments section below and stay tuned!