Dolph Lundgren’s Surprising Entry Into The Arrowverse

Arrow Lundgren

Perhaps the biggest casting news on CW’s Arrow, ‘Dolph Lundgren’ joins the show as a Russian mob boss during Oliver’s time in Russia. Co-showrunner Marc Guggenheim recently confirmed at a TCA Panel that flashbacks will be a part of the show again the following season. Tying into the flashbacks, the former ‘The Expendables’ star’s character will feature heavily amidst the flashbacks as a member of Bratva – the Russian mafia. A strong, formidable, quoted by the showrunners as a ‘badass’ and a scary man to be around, Lundgren’s character will be Oliver’s main foe in the flashback story next season.

Although there isn’t much news available regarding how the dispute between Oliver and the mafia’s boss comes around, it is reported that the mafia’s leader has ties to the Russian Government and was also involved in the events regarding Taiana’s family which probably led to her imprisonment. The mafia leader will playing it with sentiments with Oliver, so it’s safe to assume that it would probably get very ugly between the two.

Also, fans can expect the show to get pretty dark as confirmed by co-showrunner Wendy Mericle herself while talking to TVLine, “We really wanted to go gritty, dark, and make it feel very real. We’re dealing with the Bratva, and the Bratva is, as we all know, a pretty interesting and messed-up institution. I might get shot for saying that, but hey!”. Since this season will be the last we see of the flashbacks, expect the flashback arc this season to be pretty intense, and the rivalry and conflict of the two to be spectacular and one to be written down in the books for. With a pretty slow Season 4, Season 5 will be quite the contrary it seems. Here’s hoping to a drama and action packed season that blows all the previous seasons out of the waters. Let us know about your views and opinions by commenting in the comments section below.

Arrow returns Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 8/7c on The CW.