How Doctor Strange’s Prophecy Will Work In Thor: Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok Doctor Strange


The Marvel Cinematic Universe keeps on getting better and better. Marvel along with Disney tactfully integrates and creates crossovers beautifully, creating a humongous and diversified universe. The production house displays its skills yet again, this time in Thor: Ragnarok.

The latest Japanese Trailer of Thor: Ragnarok has hinted the return of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange. While most of Marvel’s other superheroes have met their counterparts, Doctor Strange is relatively new to the scene. His solo origin movie was released last year and our Doctor was quite unfamiliar with the rest of his future team mates.

Marvel along with Disney, before heading towards Infinity War decided to make a cross over for Doctor Strange.  In the Doctor Strange movie released last year, we saw a post credit scene where the sorcerer agreed on helping Thor to find Odin. Now the latest Japanese trailer takes a step further.

There are rumors circulating that Doctor Strange during his encounter with Thor will predict the God of Lighting’s destiny. The prediction as we all know from the trailer would not be a good one would Thor. We can expect the prophecy in the form of a puzzle or riddle that might have a gloomy first half but a promising second half.

Thor’s movies have thrived on a lot of prophecies. The first movie for instance mentioned that “whosoever deems worthy shall possess the hammer of Thor”. Thor in that movie was banished from Azgard but upon showing character was rewarded in the end. Similarly, we expect Thor to suffer in the first part of the film, but upon satisfying certain pre-requisites he will possess a great power in the end. As we see the latest trailer, it seems Thor unlocks some hidden power and is encircled in thunder. The true potential of the God of Thunder might be unlocked in this film.

What are your thoughts on Thor: Ragnarok? How do you think Doctor Strange will fit into his world, or different realms? Let us know in the comments below.