Dishonored 2’s Stunning Art Style Is Thanks To This Unorthodox Development Process

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DISHONORED 2’s release date is fast approaching and we’ve managed to find out how the games heavy politics and weary characters initially started off as just a heap of clay.

Arkane Studios in Lyon is the studio responsible for making fully formed clay models from simple concept art sketches not only showcasing video game art as a serious business but establishing themselves as the pioneers in said business.

Although the art style of the first Dishonoured is still fresh, it already seems as if it’s iconic .It’s also one of the major factors that led to the game’s big wins at the game BAFTA’s in 2013.The dark, dirty streets of the city of Dunwall was hailed by critics as visually stunning, innovative and unique.  The BAFTA award is on display in front of the entrance, which makes it the first thing that can be seen when entering the building, possibly serving as a reminder to anyone who forgets the success of the first game.

Courtesy Bethesda
Courtesy Bethesda

For Dishonoured 2, the verdict was to take what made Dunwall great and take it to a whole another level. A location similar in some ways to the character and infrastructure of Dunwall , but at the same time something different from the previous London-inspired locale. Taking inspiration from the character models of the original game Arkane tasked clay artist Lucie Minne to craft genuine, highly detailed models as part of the developing concept art stage of the game. The results were spectacular with the clay models sitting proudly upon pedestals as you make your way into Arkane’s studio. Two male figures and a female each with a distinct look. Minnie aged the models fittingly, battle-worn, slightly distressed and solemn. 

The politics of the city of Karnaca where Dishonoured 2 is set can be read in their expression. 
They are characters that have fallen from a place of splendor and now must live within a dejected city.

Courtesy Bethesda
Courtesy Bethesda

For a little while prior to the release of the game, Minne’s clay models were displayed at Art Ludique in Paris at an exhibition of Dishonored’s art, a part of a broader showcase of the French video game industry as a whole.  Minne’s clay models would have surely caught the eye of the crowd. The clay models are just one demonstration of the might of Arkane’s art team, spearheaded by Sebestian Mitton. Mitton even stated in an interview that they were considering building wooden models that would replicate parts of Karnaca sometime in the near future.

Dishonored 2 is out November 11 on PS4, Xbox One and PC