Dishonored 2: Black Bone Charms Revealed And More


Arkane Studios the makers of Dishonored 2 have unveiled additional info in a game magazine with Black bone charms, charm crafting and a fully explorable area confirmed so far.

According to reports about the upcoming Bethesda game it has been confirmed that Karnaca is “fully explorable outside missions”, which enables the player to immerse themselves in the game world. This differs from the game’s predecessor in which players only had a small headquarters hub to run around during the game’s downtimes. Players will now have to invest more time in exploring missions if they want to discover in-game secrets.

Another new addition to the game are Black Bone Charms which are quite similar to regular charms, they are the third kind of Bone Charms added recently to Dishonored 2. You cannot craft Black Bone Charms  they can only be found in random succession in the game. Since its un-craftable, it may be possible that Black Bone Charms offer unique boosts to the player apart from improved stats.

Dishonored 2 also enables players to dismantle and craft charms to try and tinker with their effects. Players will be able to stack up to four effects on a single Bone Charm, which in turn will free up Bone Charm slots for more effects. Charm crafting though does come with the associated risk of crafting Corrupted Bone Charms in case of failure. Corrupted Bone Charms give bonuses like regular Bone charms but also end up giving out penalties as well. They do usually give out larger buffs to make up for the associated penalties though.

The first Dishonored saw a majority of the players exploring to find loot like Bone Charms and Runes so they could upgrade Corvo to suit their own style of plays. Although exploring maps may lengthen the time it takes to complete a mission the new buffs to your character end up making future missions much easier. 


Dishonored 2  comes out on November 11, 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows . Do let us know your thoughts on what you have made of the game so far.