Director of Guardians Of The Galaxy Praises Logan


Logan has been lauded by fans and critics alike, it cannot be denied that the movie is nothing but a blockbuster hit. It is a big achievement considering 2017 is jam packed with amazing movies.

Although, luckily, Logan received an overwhelming responses and reviews from critics and fans which lead it to have the biggest score on Rotten Tomatoes in comparison to any X-Men films released in the past. Hence, it can be said that Hugh Jackman has done a great job and his last movie as Wolverine just had to be the best one ever.

The record-breaking opening of the movie proves that it is fast turning into a highly loved and critically acclaimed movie  which the comic book genre has ever seen and this means that 20th Century Fox’s faith in writer/director James Mangold’s hard R-rated vision has evidently became likeable. This shows that Logan has garnered an amazing fandom from prominent filmmakers too.

The writer and director of Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn, currently shared a tweet on his personal Twitter account in which he said he loved the movie and praised it. He lauded the movie as well and here is his tweet:

Since the longest time, Gunn shared his thoughts for the comic book movie through social media and even last year, he shared his thoughts for Deadpool when he praised it. Thereof, we can say that it isn’t just Logan that got the praise but Gunn is the sort of person who would do so but the guys’ opinion matters and is appreciated no matter what. Even James Mangold responded to Gunns tweet in which he thanked him for the insight.