DICE Is Lowering Hero Prices In Battlefront 2 By 75%



The progression system in Battlefront 2 has been much discussed about and in undergoing some major changes by DICE in consideration with the criticism that it received about implementing a pay-to-win formula. DICE have released a message from John Wasilczyk who is the Executive Producer at the company and it states that they are listening to the fans and are making changes accordingly. The game will go through a major period in which changes will take place until it is perfected for players.

The internet has erupted with EA’s recent explanation on Battlefront 2’s subreddit becoming the most downvoted comment in Reddit’s history. Recently EA’s Community Manager also came in the line of fire for allegedly calling fans “Arm chair Developers” and then deleting his tweet.

Wasilczyk said that they are actively taking feedback from the community and learning where they can make changes that would shape the game in to a better product for their players. The first alpha, beta and the Play First trial all were monitored and analytics were taken to see how players look at progression in the game and this is a major reason why buying heroes is being changed in the game (an issue that has been concerning a huge portion of the community). The immense grind for heroes such as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker being 40 hours each, players reported that the game is pushing a pay-to-win system down their throats.

“There’s been a lot of discussion around the amount of in-game credits (and time) it takes to unlock some of our heroes, especially Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Unlocking a hero is a great accomplishment in the game, something we want players to have fun earning. We used data from the beta to help set those levels, but it’s clear that more changes were needed.”

DICE is now reducing the price of all heroes by 75% of what they were initially, significantly reducing the amount of time one would spend grinding for them. DICE reassured that they will keep on making changes that suit the players and the game to deliver the best possible experience.

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