Dev Says LawBreakers Is Not An Overwatch Clone



As per the Lead Designer of Lawbreakers, Dan Nanni, the game is an experience unlike any other. He said that the game is not a remake of anything which is already released but has its own individual feel and identity.

The game, Lawbreakers, is a forthcoming multiplayer-only shooter game which is released for PC. The game provides a different class-based action and Boss Key’s gravity gameplay adds an upright which is similar to Lawbreakers. After being asked about how and if the game varies from similarities like Quake Champion and Overwatch, Nanni said that the whole experience sells the uniqueness of Lawbreakers and all its modes are made in order to compliment for the low-gravity feature. Here’s what he said:

“Our gravity gameplay adds verticality to shooters in a whole new way, our roles play with class-tropes and flip them upside down, our game modes tease you with something familiar and then twist it up with nail-biting conclusions. It’s the entire experience combined together that really sells the uniqueness of LawBreakers. All of the modes were built to support the roles, and all of the roles were built to play with low gravity, and all of our gravity mechanics were built to be manipulated by the roles. Everything was created to work as an entire experience, and it’s an experience like no other game.”

When asked about the deliverance of the lore, Dan Nanni said that this is still WIP as the various ways players can learn about the backgrounds of the character is yet to be finalized and the world of Lawbreakers is to be finalized through “in-game through VO, account portrait descriptions and narrative scattered through the maps.”

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