Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Offers A Wide Range Of Content With It’s Season Pass

Season Pass Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Eidos Interactive and SQUARE ENIX’s highly anticipated follow-up to the amazing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Mankind Divided, comes out on 23rd August, 2016 for PC, PS4 and XBOX One. The game has been receiving stellar reviews and fans of the series are excited to delve into the immersive Cyberpunk universe of the critically acclaimed series once more as Adam Jensen continues to work with Interpol and the Juggernaut Collective to stop terrorists and crack down on the organization behind the rising terrorist threats; the enigmatic Illuminati.


Story Missions: UK Retailer GAME revealed that, like most other AAA titles, the game will be receiving a Season Pass. Unlike the previous entry in the series, which only had one story mission based DLC, the game has two confirmed story mission DLC’s named System Rift and A Criminal Past which, according to a press release, are coming out this fall and in early 2017 respectively.

Weapon packs: There are two packs which contain lots of goodies; the Assault and Tactical packs feature an assortment of weapons and items for players to utilize to play through the game in unique ways.

Currency: Players who purchase the season pass will also receive 5000 credits to spend on weapons, ammo and Praxis Kits; which are used to improve augmentations further and broaden the players’ potential. Four Praxis Kits are also included separately alongside 1000 crafting parts that are used to improve multiple aspects of the weapons included in Adam’s diverse arsenal.

Breach: The rest of the Season Pass’s content focuses on the brand new and unique game mode that Mankind Divided brings to the table; Breach. A stealth-based FPS arcade mode that deviates from the game’s cutting edge visuals and animations with polygonal graphics. Players will receive five booster packs that contain all sorts of useful weapons, items and other assets that can be used to augment your character in Breach further as well as 20 Chipsets that are used to acquire Premium Booster Packs and Custom Weapons for Breach.

Needless to say, the Season Pass divides its content provisions fairly among the different playable modes that the game has to offer and we’re not sure if we won’t be seeing more exciting DLC from Eidos for Mankind Divided. The Season Pass is now available for pre-order on all platforms for $29.99/£24.99.