Details Emerge About Santa Monica’s Cancelled IP


Details have emerged regarding a Santa Monica Studios game courtesy of nerdleaks. In the previous year, there was a leak on nerdleaks about the unannounced titiles from the Microsoft E3 Conference including Spiderman for PS4, Crash Bandicoot HD Remake, Watch Dogs 2’s protagonist, so on and so forth. There was a mention of a promise to unveil data about the cancelled IP for PS4 for Santa Monica studios. It seems though as they have made good on that promise

They  came across a fascinating portfolio website of a previous Game Developer & 3D Concept Designer: Erik San Juan. He used to work at Santa Monica studios for these games till April 2014;

  • Kinetica – PS2
  • God of War – PS2
  • God of War II
  • God of War III – PS3
  • God of War Collection – PS3
  • God of War Saga – PS3
  • God of War Ascension – PS3

When glancing at his CV, they saw that he has even worked for an unannounced PS4 visual development/character modeling which was cancelled. Additionally, he even led the Concept Art incubation team for two consecutive years and after that also led the Character Concept Art team while in full production. Erik San Juan even provided 2D/3D concept art and models for a new PS4 IP in development which was cancelled after a while.

The name of this project is yet to be known but it’s being called Darkside, but there was a lot of concept art spotted that was published by the game designer. To avoid copywriting infringement, no concept art was  published, however, if you are good at searching these then you could probably find them.

Here is all the collected information:

  • It’s afuturistic game, maybe it is set in 2034;
    • It could be aboutworlds exploration;
    • Some character take part in a mission called “Ark Mission Genesis – A.D. 2034”;
    • Some characters’ name: August, Donovan, NightHorse;
    • There are some strange humanoid creatures (aliens?), similar to mutant fishes;
    • These creatures ride some kind of bison with unicorn;
    • There’s a group of refugees or mercenaries;
    • There are drones;
    • There is a kraken-like creature;
    • Enemies could be skeletal monsters with long arms;
    • There are creatures similar to dinosaurs;
    • You could scan new creatures for information about DNA and Origin;
    • A lot of uniforms.

The game for now is“Cancelled” and lots of developers have left Sony Santa Monica due to this reason