More Details Announced For Bioware’s Anthem IP At Microsoft’s E3 Conference


We recently saw a first glimpse of Bioware’s new IP titled Anthem , and initial reaction to the game has been positive with many people intrigued by the almost one minute teaser trailer , and now new details have emerged about Anthem at Microsoft’s E3 press conference.

The game will also be available on Xbox One X, the game is set in an open world. John Warner from Bioware came on stage to give us a first glimpse of what the gameplay looked like on Xbox One X. He proceeded to show a gameplay trailer of Anthem. In Anthem you and your friends are freelancers kind of mercenary bounty hunters tasked with the safety of the Fort Tarsus , who have an array of Exo suits called Javelins. Each suit has its own unique style with the ranger being balanced and the Colossus being a power house tank type unit. In the video you can actually see the player flying the Exo suit , and the world looks extremely dope.

You can also equip your Javelin Exo suit with different equipment which can bring unique powers to your suit. Large Scale world events such as a shapers storm can also influence the gameplay, providing new quests on the go.


So what do you think about Anthem, and will it fare any better than Mass Effect Andromeda? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.