Destiny’s Load Time Has Been Reduced Significantly Following 12 GB Patch


It was recently revealed that Bungie had thrown in another feature to the Destiny: Rise Of Iron mix, a sidearm called the Trespasser. The 12 GB patch for the DLC bought along a number of improvements which included a plethora of green engrams amongst other things. Yet the most surprising thing was the faster load time.
Surprisingly, once into the `12GB patch the game appeared to be loading faster than before. Now that may come as a shock to avid users of the game considering the fact that Destiny has had quite a reputation for having a significant load time. You get used to prolonged waits between logins, flying to the towers, beginning missions, switching characters and so on. So once into the 12 GB patch, it was vividly clear that the game speed was up drastically than the usual, the response was quick, it was faster, it was unbelievable. A myriad of users took to Twitter, to have the news confirmed since most of us believed we were hallucinating as it was too good to be true. However, a number of users have reported that they have been experiencing this phenomenon, and that this was a stellar addition, which further enhanced Destiny’s renowned gaming experience.
Bungie has not yet made an official announcement confirming the changes regarding the travel and loading speed, and they never insinuated before if the update would affect different or for that matter any aspect of the game. Comparing the recorded footage of before and after you’ll find the load to the tower at the point significantly faster. In addition to that, the trip to Old Russia gets cut down as well. Saving a lot of time on each of the loading areas, and trips elsewhere the game gets a decent overall boost in speed ensuring an even better experience. This will make travelling between destinations a hell of a lot easier, and is surely a welcomed addition
Bungie has offered no explanation at the moment with one question bothering and on the mind of every user of the game: Is this because the last gen systems have been left behind? Destiny is no longer required to bend over backwards to get accustomed and attached to old systems, as Rise Of Iron update won’t be available on last generation consoles.
Users having a lot of time on their hands could go take each and every trip, and note the difference in time in order to confirm this theory. However this would be an exercise in futility , because the news is in fact legit, and you would notice the substantial change in speed by playing the game just once. That is a big plus for the game moving forward since long arduous load times have always been the ire of many Destiny enthusiasts.
Destiny finally seems to be taking steps forward, and bring around a quality of changes to make the game even better. Reduced load time, and increased gameplay speed might be the first step towards this change, and hopefully they might get reduced even further with time. With the Rise Of Iron DLC being the last major expansion before we get to see Destiny 2 in 2017.
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Destiny: Rise of Iron will be released on September 20th, 2016.