Destiny Exclusive PS4 Content Now Available on Xbox One



It’s been two years since the original Destiny’s Release with the game releasing on Xbox and Playstation but the game truly launched on PS4 in terms of content due to the partnership contract between Sony and Activision with the content ranging from Multiplayer maps, weapons, skins, and other items. As announced the exclusivity was timed and was set to release on the Xbox too but we never really saw that happen. It seems though that Activision certainly flipped the switch overnight.

The content is now available on Xbox without any announcement or mention whatsoever, it certainly took a lot of people by surprise. The content that was once locked away behind a exclusivity barrier was now available to the Xbox One and even though this is supposed to be good news for Xbox fans, in many ways it can also be seen as a huge let down. The reason for that being since the sequel to the game just released recently and understandably most of the players have switched to the sequel which is titled Destiny 2.

The problem still remains as the entire Xbox playerbase still doesn’t have access to the exclusive content present in Destiny 2 due to aforementioned partnership with Sony for the PS4.

Hence the availability of all the updates at once is quite frankly useless. its like updating your ancient mobile phone that nobody uses anymore. Lets hope that the fans do not have to wait a long delay for all the updates to appear in Destiny 2.