Destiny: Rise Of Iron – How To Obtain Radiant Treasures


Destiny: Rise Of Iron brings around a new out of the blue random gift bundle, allowing users and players to have a go at new customization options called ornaments through Radiant Treasures. Further information pertaining to Destiny: Rise Of Iron has been revealed thanks to Game Informer Podcast, related to Radiant Treasures, Vendor Gear and Trials Of Osiris gear as well.

Similar to the dynamic changes made during the April update, Destiny: Rise Of Iron takes a step further from the Sterling Treasure system courtesy of the introduction of Radiant Treasures. Radiant Treasures will basically be your source of new ornaments which will completely remodel and give an improved look to the guns. These packages of random items seem very much alike and similar to the Sterling Treasures with the only difference being there outside ties and involvement. Where Sterling Treasures were tied Chroma, Chroma Gear and the Desolate (Taken) armor set, Radiant Treasures are more involved and linked to the new improved stuff coming through Destiny: Rise Of Iron – most importantly the new stylish ornaments and Silver Dust, a currency you can use to buy more Ornaments from Xur. The Ornaments will be able to change the look of some gear sets or other exotic items similar to the chroma modifier introduced in the previous April update allowing users to activate a different unique glow of color. Moreover, Silver Dust will also be able to trade at Xur for even more ornament varieties.

Vendor Gear on the other hand will see an increase in Light level, though the developers have yet to decide the exact increment in the level. As of now there no plans to expand and further develop the Vault Space, however the idea is still in place and hasn’t been ruled out completely with reports suggesting expansion plans in the future. Year Three exotics are planned to exist alongside Year Two exotics in the kiosk rather than receiving their own tab.

As seen previously in  a private test build during Gamescom 2016, the perfect and most appropriate way to lock in Radiant Treasures is by participating in the new SIVA Crisis Heroic Strike Playlist. The recently newly renamed playlist contains the brand new strike mission better known as The Wretched Eye that launches along with the expansion, carrying along newly remastered and updated strikes as well. These updated strikes will bring forth the infusion of the brand new techno-virus named SIVA. which infected the Fallen House Of Devils. The virus affected the group, causing them to splice themselves with it creating several terrifying seeming hybrid versions of The Fallen.

The exact know how of obtaining these features is unclear at the moment with Bungie still being secretive about it, however according to Arekkz, previews build insinuate that users will be able to collect one each week by taking part in the new upper level Strike playlist, Siva. Although SRL will be coming back later this year, Bungie refused to comment whether the move was permanent or temporary. For those favoring the Year Two Trials of Osiris gear, they better hook on long this weekend since it won’t be available once the Rise Of Iron launches.

Remember that Sterling Treasures will become exclusive to Prison of Elders as of this week, so build up on it now if you’re still running after Chroma, Chroma gear and the Desolate armor set in order to obtain that shiver emote. Are you excited at the opportunity of new customization options with Ornaments and Radiant Treasures? Share your thoughts and view of this development by commenting below.

Destiny: Rise Of Iron will launch on September 20th, exclusive to PS4 and Xbox One.