Destiny: How To Get The Broom Sparrow

Destiny Rise Of iron

Festival of the Lost, Destiny’s annual Halloween event, already features some unbelievable limited-time items that are quite tempting. There are around 38 new items, including masks, shaders, emotes, ghost shells, and the new S-35 “Jealousy” Sparrow that glows an eerie bright green. Unbeknownst to most players, though, there is another, secret Sparrow shaped like a flying broom.

To get hold of this beauty, players should be relieved to hear they won’t need to go through the usual drawn-out questline. Here are the instructions broken down step-by-step:

  • Go to the Tower.
  • Head to the west end of it, past the Shipwright.
  • Enter the underground and go into the bar area where there is a jukebox.
  • Walk past the emote kiosk and on the right against the wall you will see some boxes.
  • Jump up on the boxes and you will see a broom at the top.
  • Retrieve it, and it’s added to your inventory.
  • When inspected, you will see it listed as a vehicle called the Lost Broom.
  • The Legendary Sparrow has 160 boost, Destabilizers, Strafe Thrusts.
  • Enjoy flying around on your new broom.

Destiny loves its secrets, and Bungie likes to see its players explore every corner of the game to discover them. Luckily for us, there are Guardians who live for finding these hidden gems, or else the “Lost Broom” Sparrow may have been overlooked. Who knows what further mysteries lurk inside the Halloween event? The Festival of the Lost is now live in Destiny: Rise of Iron and you have till November 8 to find out. Enjoy!