Destiny 2 Utopia Walkthrough: Make Your Way Through The Festering Hall And Core Chamber And Get The Advanced CPU



Finding the level difficult? No need to worry!

Wolfhall’s walkthrough guide for Destiny 2 Utopia will help you with the Utopia Mission to obtain an advanced CPU from the core chamber of the Festering Halls. Enemies will be waiting to latch on you on the rough terrain as the terrain is infested with the hive.

As promised, our walkthrough will guide you through the levels with crucial steps and necessary detail to help you grab the CPU from the core chamber of Festering Halls, how to venture through and what means to exit and rendezvous with Amanda Hall.

Access Terminal

Festering Halls Entrance

Make your way through the remains of the large bridge ahead of you and venture down the steps to the dark gantry platforms. As usual, you will face enemies and you will have to take them down in order to progress. Once they are down, shoot through the LED panels to make way for a guardian and step through it into the main forecourt.

Access the terminal on the right side, & a ghost scan will reveal the paths ahead through the white corridors, turnstile and then inside the Festering Halls.

Festering Halls:

Forecourts and Lobby

In order to access the area, plug in the Terminal’s entrance system (which should be an Oval shaped door). Once it’s open, move inside and kill all enemies that approach you. Once they are dealt with, make your way up the wide steps that span the entrance.

Whilst you make your way up, you will face Acolytes which you will kill, until the last remaining one retreat into a dark adjacent lobby. Once you enter the lobby, kill all hostiles and keep moving until you reach an area whose floor has been eaten away by the Hive. Go through it until you will reach an Orange lit corridor and take care of more incoming hostiles, and of course the big enemy, The Shrieker.

Main Hall

Once you have taken care of the hostiles and the Shrieker, turn right from the corpse of the Shrieker and look downwards. Drop down in the main hall after taking care of nearby hostiles and approaching acolytes, and since there will be more Acolytes sitting in their nests, take them out.

Drop down in the next area from the raised corridor but, be prepared to face a foe coupled with incoming hostiles and your foe will be the Sub-Boss Ogre, Garmurg. It will be an intense gunfight where you will simultaneously face both the hostiles and Garmurg and our advice, go trigger happy and take them all out.

Down into the Core Chamber

As Garmurg the Ogre retreats from where it came, drop down on to the narrow platform at the door entrance. Make your way down the connecting corridor to another shaft and again drop down at the doorway. Keep moving through another short corridor to a 3rd shaft, step on the illuminated ledge carefully and keep jumping downwards to the lowest doorway. Access the maintenance corridor, shoot the secretion preventing you from dropping down, and move into the sloped maintenance corridor. Dismantle the grill at the far end & access the long duct. As soon as you enter the duct, the light changes from orange color to a bluish shade & since you will be attacked, engage the hostiles.

Keep moving down the corridor, drop down & proceed forward where you will encounter another horde of enemies. You will find a hive entrance to the left, upon entrance destroy the secretion and keep moving through the narrow hive tunnel that will bring you to another maintenance duct. Drop down towards the blue light taking you to an open floor grill.

Drop down from that grill and you will reach the core chamber. Pick up the core, but you may need to keep it down for a while in order to take down the hostiles. Once all the hostiles have been eliminated, pick up the core and keep moving through the circular doorway as it is time to escape from the Core Chamber.


Keep running upstairs until you access the garage and the parked APCs. Since they all have offensive capabilities, Access one of them and drive them, kill approaching hostiles but avoid crashing to prevent damage to the APC. Keep crushing the hive columns and drive into the enormous cavern, crush the hostiles under the APC and keep on moving through the tunnels, across a bridge and then into a hallway. Keep moving through the hive tunnel and you will exit through the elevated roadway where Amanda Holliday will rendezvous with you and pick you up.

That’s all for our Destiny 2 Utopia Walkthrough on how to enter the Festering Halls and acquiring the core from the Hive’s Core Chamber.