Destiny 2 UK Sales Down By 58% When Compared With The Original , Despite Being On Top Of The Charts



Destiny 2 UK Sales see’s the recently released game at the top spot . However it’s sales are still down by a whopping 58% when compared with the Original’s.

However its important to remember that these include only physical sales of the Destiny 2 and does not include digital copies, which on a side note have been on the rise in the last couple of years. However with .

Thought the sales will be determined when the game launches on PC. This is the first time that the franchise is going to be appearing on the PC, and you can bet that it will see a tremendous boost in sales numbers when the game launches on the PC. However its true potential lies in it building a massive and sustainable community which only time will tell. For all intents and purposes it does look like Destiny 2 will be successful in building a sustainable community in the long run.

Another huge feature the fans are demanding that will the Games feature Public Test Realms(PTR) for our Master Race gamers to test out new updates yet According to Game director Luke Smith, they have no plans for Destiny 2’s PTR they want to accomplish their goals without making them public (quiet noble).

Here’s Game director Luke Smith statement,

while I think that test realms would be amazing for things like stability, I’m still interested in challenging us to do our best job without having to expose it to the public. I wouldn’t say never, but I wouldn’t say yes.

Destiny 2 UK sales represent a bright new beginning for the franchise, and although the sequel may not yet be able to compete with the original just yet in terms of sales figures, it most definitely will be able to match if not surpass those statistics.

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