Destiny 2 Running At 2160p On PS4 Pro As Bungie Promised

Destiny 2's Clan features


The early access beta for Destiny 2 has been live for some time now and the people who had pre-ordered the game or had gotten codes were able to experience it. One thing that has been on the mind of a lot of PS4 users (especially those who own a PS4 Pro) is what resolution would the game run at on the “4K console”.

It has, since then, been confirmed by Digital Foundry that the games does indeed run on a 4K resolution and with a stable 30 framerate which is locked to achieve performance goals. Digital Foundry ran an analysis on this as many were curious about the question but it seems that the 4K resolution that is achieved is not native. The game uses checkerboard rendering to upscale to a 4K resolution, a method that is common with many games on PS4 Pro.

The game still looks great regardless of the checkerboard rendering, it does well to keep the framerate stable and provide an amazing multiplayer experience. The horizontal resolution continuously switches from 3072 and 3840 in certain scenes and situations but it does not take away the feel of the beautiful planets that are in the games. There will be moments when players will take a moment off from the fast-paced shooting action and just enjoy the beautiful view that Destiny 2’s environments have to offer.

The normal PS4 offers a 1080p resolution with locked 30 fps of the game but the Xbox One X is expected to provide a much more visually appealing experience when compared to the PS4 Pro.

The open beta for Destiny 2 is set to arrive on July 21 and will end on Jul 23 so be sure to check out the game before buying it if you still have doubts. A beta for the PC version of the beta is set to arrive sometime in August so be sure to check back for more on that.

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